On The Way To Emily
Obligatory bathroom shot at @yatones’ house. Yayayaya 😘😆🙌🍹🍷

Obligatory bathroom shot at @yatones’ house. Yayayaya 😘😆🙌🍹🍷

It’s been so busy lately but I am really grateful for the positive feedback I’ve been getting on my new music project, Mint, which is entirely my own thing. I am in two other bands as well, which I love in different ways and for different reasons, but I am so happy with how Mint is going because it allows me a particular type of freedom that I am not always able to access.

You can check out Mint here: soundcloud.com/kayehamilton
Or here: kayehamilton.bandcamp.com
Or you can look me up on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MintNailsIt

I work very hard and it’s nice to have a feeling and sense of completion as certain projects come together. Slowly, but surely.


Happy Friday :)





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getting into this technique where i record a vocal take on my super crappy old 80 $ live mic from like 2 years ago and then do a take on my nice mic and blend them together - it creates a really cool sound where u get the distortion and richness of the old mic but the clarity and precision of the…

So appreciate information like this. <3

And here is my first official track for Mint.

Enjoy :)




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Mint Leaves

This morning, I’m going to be releasing the first official track from Mint’s album, which will be out this fall and is tentatively called Luxe Night.

The first track is called Mint Leaves. My producing partner and I have been working really hard, so I hope people enjoy it.

It feels good to work hard.







same girl, same.